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    Access Control Management & Monitoring to Detect Security Breaches Fast

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    Next Generation Fully Managed Security Solutions with Continuous Network Intelligence

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    We Help Our Clients with Risk Assessment and Regulatory Compliance

  • IT Security Assessment
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  • Fully Managed Solutions
  • Vendor IT Audit

Comprehensive Managed Cybersecurity/Data Breach Solutions/Policies and Procedures

We provide end-to-end protection, monitoring and consulting services to secure your business data. From a specific cybersecurity strategy to a broader fully managed cybersecurity role (vCISO), we help you define your security profile, related business objectives, and security procedures. With extensive experience in assisting clients with cybersecurity/data breach control matters (e.g., Policies and Procedures), to disaster data recovery and business continuity planning, we provide high quality, rapid, hands-on and cost-effective security solutions.

Based in the city of West Des Moines, IA, Armolon Corp. (Armolon), provides comprehensive cybersecurity/data breach and disaster recovery services to clients throughout Iowa and around the country. Client engagement varies from vCISO to specific blocks of hours on an as-needed basis. Armolon develops and maintains cybersecurity and data recovery strategies that are driven by past experience and data intelligence — no guess work.

At Armolon, our goal is to deliver innovative cybersecurity/data breach solutions incorporating best practices in network, data and application security. We constantly work to identify new threats and implement new techniques to address rapidly evolving cybersecurity threats.

We also work with clients to incorporate realistic and effective policies and procedures related to the client’s cybersecurity/data breach profile. Armolon has individuals on board who have managed large organizations and significant divisions within such organizations. Their “real world” experience has been critical to developing and maintaining client material where an employee plays a critical role in the success of the client’s cybersecurity/data breach protection activities.


Managed Security Services

Comprehensive data and network security, 24X7 monitoring, consultation and support to minimize security compromises and threats.
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IT Security Assessment

Our IT security assessment is focused on hardware infrastructure as well as application environment to identify security gaps.
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Business Continuity Plan

While cyber security is all about being proactive and risk management, a business still needs a solid disaster recovery plan.
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Security Consulting/vCISO

Our vCISO program enhances your inhouse IT and data security capabilities with access to a team of experienced security experts.
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