Aerospace & Defense

Aerospace and defense industries have unique challenges when it comes to cyber security. Airlines are at risk for a potential breach in the system and have to guarantee to keep their passengers, pilots and crew safe. With the expansion of on board WiFi, the amount of technology on board now extends far past In Flight Entertainment system. With this increase in technology capabilities, consumers have the opportunities to bring their devices on board and use freely and this opens a number of vulnerable entry points for a potential disruption in the systems.

Defense contractors have to figure out how to manage their current operations while secure resources to address the security challenges of tomorrow. Being capital intensive, defense industry is usually driven by cost cuts and managing their operations rather than thinking about the threats of tomorrow. In addition, defense companies may have many different legacy systems resulted from growth without adequate infrastructure planning. Given the wide geographical area they cover, their operations are often spread across a wide geography making it even more difficult to centralized their cybersecurity efforts.

At Armolon, we work with companies in aerospace and defense sector helping them develop their security procedures and protocols, disaster recovery plans and enhance and upgrade their networks and IT infrastructure.